Ready to Fight Aging? Consider IV Therapy

Mar 06, 2024

Ready to Fight Aging? Consider IV Therapy

Many people associate the term anti-aging with skin care treatments that aim to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, reverse sun damage, boost collagen production, and improve laxity. But that’s only the “responsive side” of the anti-aging concept. 

 A more comprehensive take on anti-aging goes beyond “responsive aesthetics” to consider how you can improve your health — and in turn, slow the aging process — from the inside out, starting at the cellular level. This “preventive” anti-aging approach begins with mindful lifestyle habits like:

  • Healthy eating 
  • Regular exercise
  • Restful sleep   
  • Stress control

At Refine Medical in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Heather Kennedy, PA-C, and our team strive to support your health and wellness goals with direct primary care, and enhance your anti-aging efforts with our holistic treatment offerings — including IV therapy.

A short tutorial on IV therapy

Intravenous (IV) infusion therapy is a treatment that injects hydrating fluids (sterile saline), along with a customized blend of cell-nourishing nutrients, directly into your bloodstream.

By bypassing your digestive system altogether, this restorative therapy ensures the rapid and complete delivery of nutrients and fluids to the body tissues and brain cells that need them the most — no matter what your personal wellness goals may be.

Delivering the fluids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and coenzymes that support your specific health needs directly into your bloodstream means that IV therapy can help you stabilize, clarify, and energize your body systems with near-immediate effect.

Your instant anti-aging boost

IV therapy is a safe and supportive treatment approach for a variety of common health concerns. At Refine Medical, our team uses it to help patients alleviate stress, fatigue, and anxiety, attain optimal muscle recovery following an athletic event, boost immune system function, or correct nutritional imbalances.

One of the most popular reasons people seek IV therapy is for its anti-aging benefits — both its skin- and beauty-boosting benefits as well as its vitality and energy benefits. Our anti-aging IV drips contain several cell-supporting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, such as: 

NAD+ coenzymes 

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a key anti-aging IV drip ingredient. Found in every body cell, this vital coenzyme plays many important roles in promoting health and supporting a longer lifespan, including metabolism regulation, DNA repair and protection, gene expression, and chromosomal preservation.

NAD+ can also reverse cellular damage, effectively slowing the aging process. Our bodies generate less of this all-important “anti-aging molecule” as we get older, but you can boost your reserves with IV therapy.

Vitamin C

This powerful antioxidant vitamin attacks the cell-damaging free radicals that contribute to accumulation of toxins. It also supports optimized collagen production to help you sustain youthful skin tissues, strong nails, and healthy hair.

Vitamin B complex

This group of eight essential B vitamins plays a major role in many key enzyme functions, from the release of micronutrients and amino acids in your diet to red blood cell formation, oxygen transportation, and energy production.  

Beside supporting youthful energy and vitality, vitamin B complex nourishes healthy skin by aiding normal epidermal cell turnover rate and fortifying deep dermal structures (collagen and elastin) for improved skin tissue maintenance.


Zinc is an essential trace mineral that’s vital to immunity and skin health. It plays a key role in the body’s inflammatory response, effectively “tapping the breaks” on excessive, uncontrolled inflammation triggered by an overly robust immune system reaction.

If you suffer from an inflammatory skin condition like acne or rosacea, a zinc infusion can help calm your systems and your skin — while simultaneously reducing stress.


This “master antioxidant” removes free radicals, detoxifies your blood, and fortifies your immune system. By diminishing overall oxidative stress and promoting improved liver function, glutathione gives your skin the extra support it needs to look its best.

Beyond younger-looking skin 

Simply put, IV therapy is a potent anti-aging treatment that ensures maximal benefit in the shortest amount of time. Even better, it’s a treatment that comes with secondary benefits, meaning the nutrients, antioxidants, and coenzymes it delivers can support your health in many ways.

In fact, many people find that having regular anti-aging IV infusions provides a myriad of unexpected, positive effects that go beyond brighter, healthier skin and increased energy levels. These include reduced stress, fortified immunity, improved metabolism, and better mood regulation.

No matter what your wellness and anti-aging goals happen to be, IV therapy can play a supportive role in helping you reach them by offering: 

  • Full-dose delivery 
  • Rapid distribution  
  • Health sustenance  

The bottom line? Virtually everyone can benefit from IV therapy at times, and many people can realize important wellness gains with regular IV infusion treatments every few weeks. 

Are you ready to feel renewed, energized, centered, balanced — and more youthful? We can help. Call or click online to schedule an IV therapy session with our anti-aging experts at Refine Medical in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, today.