Primary Care Specialist

Primary Care services offered in Edmond, OK

Working with a highly-skilled primary care practitioner is one of the most powerful ways to enhance and maintain your health. Heather Kennedy, PA-C, of Refine Medical, is a wonderful resource for top-quality primary care for residents in and around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Booking a visit is a simple process with online or phone options available, so get in touch today.  

Primary Care Q&A

What is primary care?

Primary care is the starting point for all health and wellness services. It is a method of care that supports you throughout your lifetime. 

Practitioners who specialize in primary care go through significant education and training to learn how to care for patients during all phases of life. They are skilled in diagnosing and treating a wide range of common health conditions. 

Patient education is a central part of primary care. Having a trusted health practitioner diagnose symptoms and prescribe a treatment path is excellent. Still, the benefits are even greater when that provider also teaches you how to take an active role in your own health journey. 

Why see a medical professional if I’m not sick?

Far too many people put off coming in for health services until they are injured or ill. This approach fails to take advantage of all that preventive medicine has to offer. 

Preventive health is the foundation of primary care. Routine physical exams are a setting for you to get the screenings you need to search for signs of disease. They also provide insight into your risk levels for various chronic health problems. 

Optimizing your health is also an essential part of preventive medicine. Many people benefit from hormone replacement therapy, which restores optimal hormonal balance. Some achieve impressive health improvements by focusing on gut health. Even something as simple as adding high-quality supplements to your routine can yield great results. 

What kinds of services are available through primary care?

Preventive services like annual physical exams and women’s health are a big part of primary care. These visits help you understand how your body is currently functioning and empower you to make improvements before illness occurs. 

When something goes awry, acute care ensures you receive an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible. You can begin a treatment path right away, helping you get back into the swing of normal routines. 

Chronic disease management is also an area of focus within primary care. Working with a skilled provider can improve your quality of life if you’re living with diabetes, hypertension, asthma, allergies, or other forms of chronic disease. 

At Refine Medical, the practice is shaped around a commitment to creating personal relationships between patients and practitioners. You’ll have access to your health team 24/7 and can receive guidance or support as needed. Begin today by booking an initial visit online or by phone.